Freefly ALTA 8

When only the best will do... Rivaling the speed of his smaller counterparts and effective in combatting dreaded wind, the Alta is seriously powerful. He is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of drones, delivering the ultimate cinematic experience. Capable of supporting a heavy payload, he can match your ground set up and take flight with the Rolls Royce of cinema cameras. What a guy!




DJI Inspire 2

The Solid, all rounder of the fleet. The Inspire 2 is know for his stamina, capable of flying further for longer without compromising on  manoeuvrability . He has a need for speed and comes self-equipped with the output for high-end productions. For optimum results, two operators can join forces to take flight and capture the content your director only dreams of. If in doubt, Inspire




Freefly MōVI PRO

Big brother to the M5, the Freefly MōVI Pro is the ultimate set up for your high-end motion productions. Lighter than his competitors so we can use longer on set and capable of carrying larger camera packages and a heap of other add-ons so we can tailor this handy piece of equipment to your needs. Only minimal fuss required inverting the mount and a dual battery system so you can hot swap like a boss, all day and into the night. In the right operators hands, this unit can effortlessly bring your wildest film dreams to life. #lighterisbetter


Freefly MōVI M5 

When your shots require some serious speed and maneuverability, the MōVI M5 thrives. In hand, this gimbal is light as a feather making fast tracking and sharp shifts a breeze. Attach a DSLR style cam and mount this bad boy to your conveyance of choice - ALTA 8, TERO or a moving vehicle. Operate anywhere, anyhow. You are only limited by your imagination.