The Story

HARPY is a family collaboration, with over 50 years of film photography, and piloting experience between the father and sons trio.

Growing up as adrenalin junkies, we threw ourselves into anything that involved wheels, boards or speed. We were always looking for the next thrill, and documenting our extreme sports adventures through lens became half the fun. Action film is our thing and we think we are pretty damn good at it. Purveyors of both ground and aerial moving cameras - we are photographers, cinematographers, content creators, gimbal operators and master drone pilots with exceptional experience and creative artistry.  After turning a RC helicopter hobby into a sponsored profession, drone piloting became a natural progression and fusion of the things we love. Precision flying is our specialty, we get closer, go faster and stay more accurate in the toughest conditions, under pressure and without fear.


The Crew


Radar Kane

Drone pilot
Gimbal tech/operator

Sean (Radar) Kane grew up surrounded by photographers, musicians, extreme sportsman and designers, beginning his creative career in his fathers photography business whilst chasing thrills on the slopes, streets and ramps. Later finding his own passion in RC helicopters, he fast became one of Australia's top sponsored RC helicopter pilots, simultaneously gaining similar success on rollerblades. It was an obvious decision for him to combine his love of RC with his natural creative talent and inline/skate/ snowboarding skills to forge a new career in fast-action moving cameras and aerial cinematography. Radar is committed to staying the most skilled and creative drone and gimbal operator in his field and is well sort after for his ability to execute the most technical and precise captures without fear.


Mr T

Gimbal tech/operator

Starting out as a rigger, Mr T always knew he was destined for a more creative pathway. It wasn’t long before he began turning his passion for photography from a hobby into a business empire with his eldest son, Radar Kane under his wing. The photography business went hand in hand with his boutique casting agency that gave him the skills behind the camera and industry experience he uses today. Who knew 22 years on he would be joining forces with his eldest sons, entering the world of moving picture and fast becoming well-respected filmmakers. Brothers Radar & Juzzy admit they have Mr T to thank for their creative talents.


Juzzy Kane

Gimbal tech/operator

Juzzy fell in love with looking through a lens early on. From creating short films from a handy cam with his brothers as youngsters and later landing in the advertising industry where he stayed for over 10 years, cementing himself as renowned graphic designer, videographer and photographer. He then turned his focus to film and felt the pull to partner with his big brother and old man to establish Harpy. His creative mind and passion for lighting a scene is fast tracking his way to reaching his goals.


Glen Mason

Drone pilot
Drone Camera

With a background in IT and a knack for all things mechanical, it was no surprise RC helicopters became Glen’s hobby and the place he would meet Radar Kane. The foundation for a long friendship and a future business was quickly built after their initial connection. Like Radar, Glen has a long history and extensive experience in RC aviation, with the technical skill and understanding to maintain and repair the big boys toys and operate them safely, with expert precision. These teamed with his gift of the gab and respect for the craft, makes Glen a true asset to have on set.


Alice Acton  

All round tough chick

Trained in Event

Management and
possessing organisational
skills that make us
question if she's even
human, she easily keeps
the boys at HARPY in
check, on time and well
prepared. She normally
stays behind the scenes
of Harpy but can be seen
moonlighting as a pro
gear move-arounder and
battery lady. Alice is also
a painter, creative thinker
and writer of words making
her the perfect fit for HARPY.
We would be lost without
this powerhouse of a woman.


Wonder Boy

Coffee Boy
Battery Bitch
All round legend

This useful chap tends to fly under the radar but the value of his helping hand doesn’t go unnoticed where he works to assists our pilots and eases the pressures of a film set. He has passion in spades and his dedication to evolving his craft is unmatched. He is a true young creative with the special ability to help prep gear and fetch coffee with the same rigor. With an open mind and a clear vision, Wonder Boy is the staff member you wish you had.